This set features photos depicting figures in motion at heights trying to find transcendence within the normal humdrum of life. Each image serves as a record of the “attempt” to fly. This stems from my desire to not become a cog in the clockwork of the waking life but, as we grow older, the actions we take become habitual and ritualized. It becomes necessary to do so to streamline our activities and provide for a minimum of bumps in the road. In doing so, we neglect the paths that diverge and intersect our intended direction.

Through my photos, I can't help but return this subject which that I try to avoid, similar to the way the body inevitably is drawn to the direction the head is tilted or the way a car slows down to an accident scene. I believe that it is with decreasing frequency that a person looks above eye level or what's readily in front of them; as a child, it's all they could do, filled with fantastic notions of the magic within adult life. The strangeness in life is always there and surprises, however jarring and unexpected, can bring a person to realize the wonders behind smaller actions.

And maybe, one of these days we’ll find someone that could fly."


Attempts to Fly on the Behance Network

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Toon Creffield

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