Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pantone Book

By Toon

To celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee grab a Pantone book celebrating her colourful life and outfits!

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pantone Book

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pantone Book

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pantone Book

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pantone Book

Some Examples:

PANTONE 13-0755 Primrose Yellow

“The Queen’s royal wedding outfit from 2011 was Primrose Yellow.
Yellow is a colour that speaks to the future with hope and optimism.
William’s wedding was a time of national celebration and this choice of yellow complements the joyous mood of the occasion. It’s a colour that is high visibility (befitting a queen), while still not detracting from the bride.”

PANTONE 13-4411 Crystal Blue

“Blue is a colour staple in the Queen’s wardrobe, it’s a colour that communicates constancy and it is also symbolic of her devotion to the British people. Blues traditionally have calming properties and she is often seen wearing them during difficult times. Blue is also seen as de-stressing so it’s no surprise she was sporting a serene blue to a Royal Garden Party in 2010.

PANTONE 16-2124 Pink Carnation

“Queen Elizabeth wore lighter tones of pink more frequently when she was younger, adding softness to her role as Queen and make her seem less austere, for example the PANTONE 16-2124 Pink Carnation she wore to the Chelsea Garden Party in 1967. In recent years however, she has been seen in trendier bright pinks, defying her age and communicating that she is a monarch modern in thought and spirit.”

PANTONE 13-5414 Ice Green

“During the Queen’s landmark state visit to Ireland, the first since the country gained independence in the 1920s, she was seen in a cool shade of green. Her colour choice echoed the sentiment of her visit as green is widely seen to symbolise new beginnings, fresh thoughts and rejuvenation.”

Credits for the project:

Agency: Leo Burnett London

Art directors/Copywriters: Will Thacker,Blake Waters,

Executive creative director: Justin Tindall

Print producer: Chris Dale

Art buyer: Leah Mitchell.

Artwork, creative imaging and colour management: Mundocom

Photographer: Andy Rudak.

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