New Wicker Man

By Anonymous
What a shocker...

I couldn't believe Nick Cage could have anything to do with this film let alone produce it, it had to be a money spinner. There's no way in their right minds they believed they could in any way improve on what already is a cult classic.

New Wicker Man

The look on his face says it all, laugh your way through the film and it might not seem like such a waste of time.
The best spin they put on it was summer isle is actually inhabited by powerful women and the men aren't allowed to speak, infact in one seen one man is scene tied to a bed and beaten.

Where did this idea come from???

Sorry but go out and buy the Original DVD special edition with all the added extra's and enjoy what is one of the greatest films of all time. (And two of the best performances).

New Wicker Man not the bees

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