About the Graphic Design Blog

The Graphic Design Blog is a blog started back in January 2007 (Wow that long ago?) by me, Toon Creffield, a Design and Marketing Manager from Sheffield in the UK.


Although I don't get to post as much as I used to, I am currently working through the older posts to make sure they are still relevant and fixing any missing images thanks to me, the fool that used an image hosting site that doesn't exist anymore. (Hey, it was a thing at the time!)


Graphic Design Blog


It was originally built as a sister site to a Graphic Design Forum that no longer exists, but many of the users there used to post some of their favourite graphic design and photography work here as a kind of archive of work that impressed us the most.

Having tried to keep it up to date as best as I can over the years, I am trying to put as much time aside as I humanly can to keep everything relevant and up to date.

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