Graphic Design Forum Joins Last FM

By Anonymous
With member requests the Graphic and Web Design Forum finally joins the last fm revolution.

It's a strange experience at first when you tune in to a Brit-Pop channel and the Spice Girls come on, not really what I was looking for but they're british and pop so I guess the way they're tagged has to be so.

Graphic Design Forum Joins Last FM

I got led into the full subscription to get better access to what I was looking for and the last listened to signature designer is highly addictive. With the Graphic Design & Web Design Forum being quite light coloured it was too easy to make one that stood out like a sore thumb, so after many attempts (viewed here) I settled on a nice simply designed grey version see here....

Graphic Design Forum Joins Last FM Home Screen

Just had similar to Coldplay radio on and it played James Blunt!! There's no accounting for taste I suppose.

The Design Forum charts are looking very varied Death Cab for Cutie seems to be top of the lists.

Am I convinced about the 'revolution' part, not sure it's clever way of working to get around certain copyright laws, but you're not always going to get what you want.

(Note to James Blunt: 'Must try harder')

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