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By Toon
Yeah, I know it's a bit early to be making these kind of lists but towards the end of 2007 most sites that were flooding through my RSS feeds from CSS galleries all began to look the same, like they were being made by a factory of robots!

So I've been very pleased at some of the site that have been brought to my attention at the start of 2008. so I thought I'd do a list of my 5 favorite sites of 2008 so far. (In no particular order).

As the blog explain Chris Shiflett is an author and speaker who leads the web application security practice at OmniTI. Although I find the site design very techy it was done in a very clean and structured way, the tones are very subtle and it is also a very good read.

Best Sites of 2008 - Shiflett

Best Sites of 2008 - Simple Bits

Simplebits was a clear choice, they are a well known web design studio founded by designer and author Dan Cederholm based in Salem, Massachusetts. The design itself is simplicity at it's best it only give you what is really required to see what the site is all about and the typography is great. The sections are clearly laid out to maximum effect and I can't wait until the shop opens to see the sort of t-shirts that go on sale.

Any thoughts on the above list is more than welcome, these are all sites that were built in 2008 just ones that have been bought to my attention since the start of the year.

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