WHAT IS WHAT IF? - whatif sydenham

By Toon

WHAT IS WHAT IF? - whatif sydenham

If one shop, business, bench or sign is improved due to the work we are showing in here, then we will consider it a success.
That’s it really.
We have not been paid for the work on this blog.
This has been designedbygoodpeople.com
We are designers, this is our passion and we honestly believe that good design makes a difference.

BILLINGS is a new fishmonger and butchers arriving in the high street soon in the old shoe repair shop and keycutters . Hmmm, I never did understand why shoes and keys went together. Anyway…
This is what the shop looks like now.

But what if:

The roller shutter is currently bright green. We are not fans of these and this type of shutter which covers the whole of the shop front and they are no longer allowed by planning for Sydenham for new shopfronts. So we thought we would make something that is ugly work a bit harder for the business:

Billings is the new enterprise of Amo, who’s parents run Fresh and Fruity a few doors away. We were incredibly impressed with the plans for the new business and by Amo himself. He may, in time open other branches, so he needed a strong, recognizable marque. So we created the Billings B with the sausage and fish in the spaces. We are rather proud of this one. It is the first What if to become reality and hopefully may prove to inspire other shops in the area to up their game to make Sydenham a more enjoyable, friendly, attractive place to shop, that local people can be proud of.

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