Print Handbook for Designers

By Toon

A handbook full of printed experiments, examples, and a whole load of handy reference material

This little handbook is crammed with stuff which we think you'll find very helpful. Especially if you're a designer. Our goal is to help you see if your ideas will translate well when printed, as well as show what should be possible from your local press.

Hopefully, it will cut down on the guesswork that happens when your job goes from screen to print.

Print Handbook for Designers

This handbook won't tell you how to think like a great designer, or teach you the history of typography, but it might just help you with some of the stuff that's, well, helpful to know.

We hope to answer questions like:

Which rich black is the best?
What dpi can I get away with?
How small can I print text and still be readable?
Do colours print differently on different papers?
Is an ellipsis elliptical?
How faint can I make some text and still be readable?
What's the best file type to use?

All for £4, a must have design book

A Print Handbook for Designers from the Graphic Design Forums

Toon Creffield

I'm Toon Creffield - A Graphic Design and Marketing professional from Sheffield, UK