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Texaco Children’s Art is an art competition that this year was won by this impressive hyper-realistic pencil drawing of an old man by 16-year-old artist Shania McDonagh.

She drew the portrait from a photograph she found in the Vanishing Ireland book and has won the top prize for her age category every year since she was 12.

“One of the most talented artists of her generation, and one whose skill could see her become one of Ireland’s foremost portrait artists of the future.” Declan McGonagle, director of the National College of Art and Design.


Texaco Children’s Art winner is amazing

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Some amazing packaging ideas right here:

Creative Packaging that helps show the product off

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England and Nike have released images of their new kits, they're very plain however I really like this minimal style myself.

“Designing the kits for the country that invented the game was a real honor for our design team,"  said Martin Lotti, Nike Football Global Creative Director. "We wanted to pay homage to key moments in England’s proud footballing history.” 

England Unveils New Nike Home and Away Kits for 2014

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The Original Lego Brick Patent that was filed in 1958 by Godfred Kirk Christiansen of the Danish born Lego Group. The word Lego is derived from the Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well."

From here

The Original Lego Brick Patent (Filed 1958), by Godfred Kirk Christiansen

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Great Kit-Kat Ads

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Graphic designers Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato have designed some business cards for famous pop culture characters and jobs they may have linked to their characters...

Characters Business Cards

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Swiss Style Design have got a great section of famous film posters designed with Swiss style in mind.

Famous film posters designed with Swiss style

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On-One Codeine - New video release

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Vincent Vermeij has released a series of awesome posters with quotes from famous movies but done in Lego:

Vincent Vermeij;s Awesome Lego Movie Posters

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Never ask a forum to fix a picture

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