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By Toon
There's alot of new online portfolio sites for Designers and Photographers appearing on the internet lately the biggest recently being Behance, I was very impressed with some of the features at Behance but it did take me a while to get used to using some of the features and took me about 3 hours to upload my Logo Design Portfolio there.

The new site on the scene is Finalcrit, similar to Behance but much easier to upload to. It had a very fast signup process which was pleasing as far as usability goes.

It only took me around an hour to prepare all my logos and upload them, I was very impressed at how you had the ability to change the style of your portfolio with 1 click and the added bonus of a description box and contact box actually on the portfolio meant if you send it to people they wouldn't have to navigate away from the page to get your details.

This site has shut down now 2014

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