Raven Browser - New Mac Web Browser

By Toon
Raven uses a technique called "site specific browsing" to create a dedicated browser instance for certain websites and their features. It debuts with the most widely used websites including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Quora. Within each app Raven provides yet another instance for key features. This provides a whole new level of multitasking within a single window. The Smart Bar unifies navigation across many different websites allowing access to features quickly, without effort and with little instruction.

Valuable browsing history is usually relegated to a simple list of links or a menu in most browsers. Not anymore. Raven's history browser provides a well designed list of the pages you've visited with a preview pane. Allowing you to preview the page before you visit it again. The search box above your history list lets you find that page you have trouble remembering. History will forever be altered thanks to Raven.

Raven Browser - New Mac Web Browser

Raven debuts with a handful of menu items which include the ability to add a new favorite, access your favorites list or creating a new tab. Single column mode will make Raven pretend it is a mobile web browser. This allows you to reduce the width of the window to experience the site just as you would on a Smart Phone.

Raven for Mac - The Smart Browser
Toon Creffield

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