Graphic Design and the Olympics

By Toon
With the Olympic rules stating that:

  1. You cannot use any Olympic trademarks, such as the Olympic rings, the Paralympic "agitos" and the 2012 logo.
  2. You cannot create an "association’ with the Games. You are at risk of  doing this if you use words or phrases like Olympic, Olympian, Paralympic, London 2012, Javelin (being a reference to the train), summer, bronze, silver, gold, sponsor, medals and games. Pictorial references are also captured by the Act, for example using the colours of the Olympic rings, depicting the Olympic Stadium, or showing an Olympic-style torch.
  3. You cannot promote your business through offering tickets to the Games, regardless of whether you are giving them away as a prize or seeking to sell them to customers.

Has anyone come up against this yet in any of their work?

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