Famous logos and what they cost

By Toon

Some are reasonably priced some are a little on the steep side. Sure there's a story behind the varying costs of famous logo's. Here's a rundown of the prices of a few:

BBC Logo Design

BBC logo: $1,800,000

BP Logo Design

British Petrol (BP) logo: $211,000,000

Coca-Cola Logo Design

Coca-Cola logo: $0

Enron Logo Design

Enron logo: $33,000

Glasgow 2014 Logo Design

Glasgow 2014 Games logo: $95,000

Google Logo Design

Google logo: $0

London 2012 Logo Design

London 2012 Olympics logo: $625,000

Nike Logo Design

Nike logo: $35

Pepsi Logo Design

Pepsi logo: $1,000,000

Twitter Logo Design

Twitter logo: $15

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