Quantity vs Quality in website design

By Toon

During school years we learn to do things in the right way so that we can obtain results which will prove the skills learned from our studies. But how do we apply this in real life?

Many young designers start the first web design project with high expectations and they are ambitious and encouraged that they can apply their creativity in that web design project. Actually, this thing does not really apply in reality. These young web designers get to be shocked by how many things are necessary to create a website, and to express the correct website message within it.

While a small number of companies offer more attention to design creativity compared to time and cost of a website design, many other companies and even clients rush the website design process, trying to finish the website in a hurry at a lower price and quality.

For a designer who works on a big web design company, he follow some rules, some steps and he is involved in certain stages of building the website which will result a quality outcome, but the problem comes when a designer has several roles in the company and he does not focus only on the design so the quality of his work could be questionable, or the entire process could take too long, involving more time and more costs.

Many web design companies rely on “quantity” and only few are based on “quality”, but in this industry, quality has its price and it is appreciated.

Human nature is in search of perfection and it is looking for quality, for that reason we could think that good work could not have disadvantages, but a quality web design project involves more time and for a company that offers web services the goal is to have as many projects as possible and as well paid as possible, so, looking to do quality work may affect other factors such as:

  • As we want to make a greater quality project, the more time, resources and finally money we consume;
  • A good website design and extraordinary creativity requires more skills, so we need talented people;
  • As we do the project more complex and creative, the more questions we have about that project. A complex web design project might be difficult to understand by the customer and the customer needs assistance, and for the web design company that assistance means time…and money.

Of course, quality and creative work has many good parts, which outnumber the negative ones, such as:

  • Quality projects are quality products and the customer will be satisfied.
  • Building creative and quality projects, the web design company will build a certain reputation on the market, which eventually will bring more customers.
  • Outstanding designs will make your work to be unique and you will stand out from other competitors.
  • A quality web design project will not only satisfy the customers, but it will also give you a state of self-satisfaction, encouragement.


If a project necessitates a longer time in order to be completed, this does not mean that we will not be able to work on other projects as well. In most of the cases, quality has its price, and a quality project will bring you greater incomes compared to a usual one.

In this article, I have shared some of the factors that influence a firm to rely on quality and in the next one I’ll write about the factors that influence a web design company to rely on volume, synthesizing the benefits of each election.


Carlito is a young web designer who works at VeryCreative - a corporate web design agency.

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