Mini Business Cards: The Ultimate Design Trend That Rock

A recent statistics infographic reveals that the four most common types of business cards are: standard rectangular 4-corner, square, recycled and rounded 4-corner. Rule number one when designing a powerful and stylish business card is to make it unique. Mini business cards are a new trend that helps you attract attention to your business and effectively promote your products while helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Business cards with stylish and professional look will be less likely to be thrown into the trash since most people appreciate impressive designs. If you are interested in showcasing your brand and creating a long-lasting impression to your clients and suppliers, check out these high-quality business cards. (The same online provider where I got mine).

A standard 2" x 3.5 " business card is just not enough these days, especially in the design world. That is why mini business cards are highly-popular among graphic designers, photographers and web designers. A creative mind, regardless of profession, will find a myriad of clever ways to reflect a company brand identity on this small piece of paper. Once you decide to go beyond traditional sizing limits, here is what you may consider to design a one-of-a-kind mini business card:

Color Reflects Brand Identity

What can be a misconception about mini-business cards? Information is lost in the small size or worse, the size is so small itís easily lost -donít worry. You can enhance other elements like color, which can play an important role in mini business cards overall layout. Sadly, most business cards are forgotten in a matter of seconds, only a few stick in the mind of potential clients and vendors -size plays a relevant role in making them memorable.

Remarkable business cards do not need to have a palette full of bright colors to stand out, unless a specific design requires it. They can simply have a splash of color like the one in the image.

Image Credit: Natalie Williamson for HoneyApple on Behance

Bear in mind that its a good idea to maximize contrast between text and images and against background for better legibility, if you're going for subtle and muted add something else to stand out.

Bonus tip: Choose two fonts to make them easier to read. Try to use the same font types in all your marketing materials- brochures, website, catalogs- to increase brand recognition.

Keep Them Simple and Neat

When it comes to mini business cards, the first thing to consider is that you have a smaller space for your design work, call to action and contact information - which is why you should keep it as simple as possible. You may only choose either your logo o a worthwhile picture on one side and the other with the info. Even though your space is limited, you may need to leave white space to separate all elements in your business cards. White space keeps your advertising materials from being cluttered or confusing. Do not fall into the trap that ® empty space® will be useless space.

Design Business Card Magnets

Mini size business cards are not the only attractive ones; you can design magnet business cards. They can be a highly convenient marketing tool as they are placed in a single place and whenever the business card is needed, it will be surely found. Customers wonít have to waste time and effort looking for a business card received a long time ago.

If you want to learn more information about custom magnets for advertising or personal purposes, visit my online printing provider - the same guys from before. They have a large catalog and provide impressive results.

Lastly, if you are the kind of person that is constantly looking to stand out from the crowd, design mini business cards or business card magnets. Consider the handy strategies mentioned above not only to promote your business but also to impress clients and suppliers.

Was this article helpful? What else would you keep in mind when designing mini business cards? We appreciate you tell us your experiences in your comments below.

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